We offer distribution as an alternative to submission, providing an opportunity for more direct collaboration with IDLEGLANCE. We only engage in a limited number of such collaborations each year, being highly selective in choosing whom to work with.

There are two ways to distribute through IDLEGLANCE
releasing a single or signing up for our collaboration projects.

If you're interested in releasing a single or already have one ready for us to listen to, simply fill out the form below and select the "releasing single" option. You don't need to have a completed track or demo; if you simply want to express interest in working with us on a single release, leave the link option blank. We'll reach out if we believe your style aligns with our vision and sound.

During collaborations, we work closely with artists to plan, develop concepts, find or produce beats, and work on tracks together. There's no set timeframe for these projects, but if you select the collaboration option below, we'll keep you in mind for future projects. When we have a suitable project, we'll reach out to those we believe are the best fit for that project.

In summary, the form below is for anyone interested in working with us directly. We'll keep track of everyone who fills it out, whether or not we reach out to you. You can also find examples below of singles and projects we have done with artists previously.