We are constantly searching for talented individuals to join our team, and our recruitment process is always open and ongoing. We welcome anyone who believes they would be a valuable addition to our team to apply! The type of content you specialize in is not the primary concern for us. What matters most is your ability to showcase skills and potential, as we want to see how you could contribute to our team as a member. If we see potential in your work, we will always aim to give you an opportunity to prove your abilities, so we can determine if you are a good fit for us. Anyone that suits our needs or appeals to us is welcome to be part of our team and brand!

If we find your work appealing and see the potential in you as a creative, we will reach out to you via Discord. One of our team members will contact you and provide further information about the recruitment process and guide you through the next steps. As part of the evaluation process, you will be assigned a trial task specifically tailored to the role you are applying for. This task will differ depending on whether you are applying as an editor, thumbnail designer, or for a role that falls outside of the aforementioned categories. Successful completion of the trial is a necessary requirement for joining our team.

As an editor on our team, you will have access to a consistent stream of work opportunities and the ability to get paid for the videos you create. You will have the privilege to work on a diverse range of songs spanning across various genres, providing you with the freedom to select tracks that resonate with your personal preferences and interests.

While previous experience in animating still images is not obligatory, we expect you to learn how to animate still images, both during and after the trial period. Our entire video format centers around animating characters, making it an essential skill for creating content that aligns with our standard format. Proficiency in animating still images will also expand your editing capabilities, giving you the freedom to create customized sequences that go beyond the limitations of existing anime scenes, which often have limited looping sequences. Developing this skill is crucial for your role as an editor on our team, as it allows you to create unique and customized visuals.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the song's atmosphere through visually engaging sequences, ensuring viewers have an immersive experience that allows them to connect with the music. While it's true that we occasionally create special projects that deviate from the loop format and create original concepts, our primary focus remains on creating videos that revolve around loops as the core element of our content. These looping sequences serve as the foundation of our videos, as this is a format that IDLEGLANCE has created and is essential to our overarching creative vision.

However, we are also looking for editors who can handle content beyond our standard format, such as movie edits, YouTube Shorts/TikTok edits and concept-heavy videos. If you believe you can contribute in these areas to our team, please mention it in the message section of the form below.